Nov 22, 2015

Sunday Worship!

Super easy... but worth it!


Anonymous said...

Dana is such a loser. Decent wheels but upper body sucks, he is starting to get a roid gut. Fat and water don't equal gains. He has made zero improvements over the last year.
The gruesome twosome with Johnny Doul is queer and a joke

Anonymous said...

What no picture with his boy friend Johnnie Doul?

j4ckb1ng said...

Why the venom? I thinks it's an eye catching photo. Fat is in the eye of the beholder. Bodybuilders gain and lose weight regularly in the course of a year. As for his friendship with Johnny's body's business but theirs

Anonymous said...

How about showing really good Canadian Bodybuilders like Reagan Grimes or Hennri Pierre Ano instead of this instagram dude?

blaah said...

The first response to this post reveals a touch of psychosis in the author; it's just plain wierd if not creepy in a stalker like kind of way. Eww.

oceej said...

I like Dana, and think he's pretty good. At the 2015 Canadian nationals, he was in a tough class, so no shame in coming 4th, he will improve with time.
@Moderator, no one ever mentions Chris Bumstead, he is the Canadian junior heavyweight champion for 2015 - but alas little coverage.
Thanks for the post.