Dec 4, 2014

Day 21: Brad Rowe

While the clip above was taken after winning his pro card at the 2013 Nationals, Brad finally stepped on stage to make his pro debut in October at the Phoenix Pro and took 3rd in his first show, following that up with a second place finish (behind Ronny Rockel) just last weekend at the 2014 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy Pro.


Anonymous said...

Nice guy and worked muscles.

Anonymous said...

OH YES! Love this guy especially when he is sporting those royal blue posers. Even though he came in second after Ronny. He is still first class in my eyes ("Front Rowe" as he calls it on his website.) Maybe the radiation from the Seabrook Station Nuclear Power Plant helped to make him this super muscle freak we know and love. Whatever, he deserve to be added to the countdown list of super stars for 2014.

oceej said...

His most musculars are really impressive.