Dec 7, 2014

Day 18: David Paterik

New IFBB pro from Enumclaw, WA won the middles at the 2014 NPC Nationals. He is sure to make a splash in the pros.


Anonymous said...

Powerful Washingtonian deadlifts 530 and bangs out hammer curls with 80 pound weights. Dave is a Inner Armour Athlete who sports one amazingly ripped core. Fitting in with some of the best, the Muscle Gallery Website has 23 videos of him. With a physique like his, He well deserves that Pro title and Day 18 on the countdown.

Anonymous said...

Middleweights do not make viable professional bodybuilders. He will have to gain at least 36 more pounds of muscle before he can step on a pro stage to compete effectively against the likes of Flex Lewis, David Henry, Jose Rayond, etc.