Dec 12, 2014

Day 13: Bryan Balzano

Seemingly coming from nowhere, 25 year old Bryan Balzano from Columbus won the novice, open middles and the overall at the 2014 NPC Mike Francois Classic (above), and followed that up by winning his class and an IFBB pro card at the 2014 NPC USA. Since he's so new on the scene, there's not an awful lot pictures of Bryan (so this may feel like a bit of a repeat).

Read an interview with Bryan at Iron Affinity.


muscleaddict said...

Hands down one of my favourite bodybuilders of the years. Not only is he cute as a button but he's rocking one seriously gorgeous physique, with shredded quads, freaky abs and of course those insanely striated glutes! He also comes across as a genuinely nice guy on social media.

Anonymous said...

Intiaily I thought he was just kid with a lot of luck to win a pro title. Then I watch his videos and learned that this is really someone sporting some real size and definition, plus he has the determination to beat all odds in order to attain greatness.
I'd like to have him on my team.