Dec 1, 2014

Christmas Countdown: Nicolas Vullioud

Let's start off the 2014 Christmas Countdown with Nicolas Vullioud, the new "Quadzila." This 23 year old young up and comer was the 2014 IFBB Swiss Championship overall champion (and 90kg class winner),  Vullioud is one of trainer Patrick Tuor's mentees.

In 2013 placed 6th in the Junior/75Kg class at the 2013 Arnold Classic Europe and won the 2013 IFBB Swiss Junior 75kg class. This year he finished 7th in the open light-heavies at 2013 Arnold Classic Europe, and was 4th in the Juniors, before smashing it in own national win.


Anonymous said...

Great genetics which he's built on nicely. Square wide shoulders, small waist, no belly bloat, great legs with the small and large muscle development, great smile. Plus the guy's hung, it looks like he's got 1/2 a melon in his crotch. Good future for this stud.

Anonymous said...

What a way to start the 2014 Christmas Countdown! He is one that we surely wouldn't want to overlook.
Nicolas Vullioud is fucking awesome! He is flawless and his coach has been there all the way for him.
I had to watch his videos over and over. Just can't get enough of this great bodybuilder.

j4ckb1ng said...

Quads? I guess it's how they tie into that monster muscle ass hanging off his lower body.