Jul 3, 2014

Franco Dominguez: 8 Weeks Out!

So, this past Sunday's guy... it was Argentinian bodybuilder Franco Dominguez taken 8 weeks out of the 2014 IFBB Argentinian Championships!

Dominguez was the super heavy and overall champ at the 2012 South American Amateur Championships, 2011 Argentinian Champ and 2011 Mercosur Champion, and in 2007 he won his class (but not the overall) at the Argentinian championships. As a heavyweight he was 9th at the 2009 Arnold Amateur.

Then again, you may better recognize his as Amerigo Jackson from MuscleHunks.


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Isn't this Amerigo Jackson from Muscle Hunks? Maybe it is the scorpion tattoo on the lower abs/obliques that helps us tell who is who.
You feel that scorpion, you would know it for sure.