Jun 17, 2014

Patrick Gregoire: 2014 MABBA Provincials Light-Heavy!

29 year old Canadian Patrick Gregoire from Morris, Manitoba was the 2014 MABBA Provincials light-heavy class winner (weighing in at 195lbs).

Patrick was the 2010 Junior Mr. Manitoba, Junior Mr. Canada and MABBA Novice Junior and Welterweight Bodybuilding Champion. In 2012 he finished 10th in the light-heavies at the Canadian Nationals.

Patrick trains with Craig Bonnett. In the clip below he was three weeks out from the 2014 Provincials. Follow him on Instagram.

And finally Craig and Patrick along with Justin Chartier, runner up in the heavies at the Provincials show.


Anonymous said...

I like that serious look. I'm surprised he is not listed as part of the Fusion Bodybuilding Team.