May 3, 2014

Dobri Delev: Турнир Пловдив 2014

Guest posing last weekend, just a week out of this weekend's Mozolani Classic.


Anonymous said...

The name of the Contest is: MOZOLANI CLASSIC not MOZONI.
Please,write the right name.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

OK that's just plain rude! I would delete this comment if I was the owner of this blog.

Anonymous said...

The first commenter asked for a correction to be made and used respectful language. What is rude about that? The name of the bodybuilding contest is important and should be correct always. It appears that it has been corrected by the blog owner. THANK YOU to the first commenter for being correct and respectful.

Anonymous said...

I was the first commenter.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your kind words about me. I really appreciate it.