Mar 12, 2014

Rich Piana: The Tatted One!

Big Rich was 285lbs in the pictures above at the beginning of February.


Anonymous said...

Rich Piana looks like a DOODLE POSTER. So much so that you can't appreciate his muscled body.
Hey Rich, Don't you know when to quit with the tats?

Anonymous said...

HORRIBLE.......he destroyed his great body with the tattoos.
He looks like a newspaper...the Mutant.

Anonymous said...

He is repulsive! Nothing hot comes from all that ink!

j4ckb1ng said...

I, too, think Piana is an example of tattoos gone to an extreme. Yet I've seen video clips and he seems content with his extensive tattoos; as long as he's happy.

Anonymous said...

Ugly. 'Nuff said.