Mar 1, 2014

Flex Lewis: Inaugural Arnold Classic 212 Champion!

Was there really any doubt? And confirmation that the Welshman will be upping his weight and competing in the open class in 2016.


Anonymous said...

The changes he got last times in his body are great.

j4ckb1ng said...

You'd think with all his money Arnold could have afforded a better tailored suit and better shoes.

oceej said...

The dude is way ahead of the competition. In terms of symmetry I think he is better than Mr Heath (Phil Heath has size, but not symmetry). Lewis has symmetry and now he'll add more size, making him look even better. Well done James!

Anonymous said...

Flex is so HOT! He's perfection from head to toe! Except the fantastic body, he also has a look that I totally crave in a man; the attitude, chin-strip beard, diamond earings, fauhawk hairstyle, pretty eyes and great smile! Let's see him improve and can't wait in 2016 when he'll compete in the open class!