Feb 26, 2014

Milos Adnadjevic: Serbian Super Heavy

Milos Adnadjevic originially from Kruševac in Servia now lives in New York, working as a trainer at David Barton Gym. Adnadjevic was the runner up in the supers at 2013 NPC New Jersey Championships. The clip below shows Adnadjevic posing at the Brooklyn Grand Prix.

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j4ckb1ng said...

classically handsome features I hardly notice he has a body

Anonymous said...

I think he looks handsome like a model.
He must to development his chest for looking better.
Other muscles look great.

Anonymous said...

My handsom hani :*

Anonymous said...

as long as I breathe, he will be my soulmate... no matter what he is forced to choose.. I will always know. love you my sunshine.