Feb 20, 2014

Jerry Koolhoven: Dutch Light-Heavy!

Dutch Jerry Koolhoven, 35, competed in the US last year, winning the novice middleweight class at the 2013 NPC Europa Show of Champions. Though he won the novice class on this side of the pond, Koolhoven has been competing for a while, competing in the NABBA World and European championships, and winning the NAC Universe Short Class in 2007. Pictures above are from the end of January in preparation for the 2014 Arnold Amateur.


muscleaddict said...

Lil' ball of bald butch beef! WOOF!! Really liking this guy! He's far from a monster (estimated height..4"2!) but he's pumped and beefy in all the right places, and looks hard, tight and shredded in those comp pics! Loving that cheeky tude on stage and the scrunchy/cocky expressions displayed on his slightly odd, but strangely cute mug! Especially loving those pumped up balloons of fleshy pec meat bulging off his chest!