Jan 9, 2014

Troy Alves: Announces Retirement!

47 year old Troy Alves announced his retirement from competitive bodybuilding today. Troy earned his pro card by winning the heavies at the 2002 NPC USA. With 11 years as an IFBB pro under his belt, Troy won the 2009 Orlando Show of Champions, 2011 Battle of Champions, 2011 Phoenix Pro and the lightweight class at the 2013 Orlando Show of Champions. A few of his other finishes included 2nd at the 2003 Aussie Grand Prix, 3rd at both the 2005 and 2006 Ironman Pros, 3rd at the 2009 Atlantic City Pro, runner up at both the 2010 Battle of Champions and Tampa Pro, and 5th at the 2011 Pro World Masters (below).

Read his full "goodbye" on his Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

Good for him. I never admired Alves's build but he has gone far in competitions. At 47, the body does not respond to weight training as does for a younger man. Better to go out on top of his game rather than a remnant of his former self.