Jan 16, 2014

Tony Mount: Made from Stone!

Tony Mount, 2011 NABBA Universe, medium (Class 3, 1.65m to 1.72m) winner.

Mount, 43, a stonemason from Belfast, went on to place second to 2012 NABBA World Champion, fellow Brit Anth Bailes (who took that year's overall).


muscleaddict said...

Forget One Direction, Never 2 Big is staging a NEW British Invasion, and this ones of the big bald butch beefy bodybuilding variety! Hell yeah!! First Stu Garrrington (one word: WOOF) then Anth Bailes (one word: FREEEEAK), and now big bad gruffy woofy daddy Tony Mount (two words: FUCK YEAH)! "Made From Stone"?? You ain't fucking wrong mate!! Just LOOK at that bod! Slab upon slab of granite hard, insanely pumped, dry as crackers, carved to perfection man beef!! WOOF! Just..WOOF! Imagine seeing this mountain of hyper-macho muscle walking/arrogantly strutting (PHWOAR) towards you in the street?! Those brand new designers boxers you had for Crimbo? Now officially buggered!! Whoopsie!

j4ckb1ng said...

Damn, Mount got a big nose! I love a man with a big nose, though.. not to mention his other physical attributes.