Jan 14, 2014

Max O'Connor: Mr. UK and Mr. England, 2012

Sunday's guy was USN sponsored athlete Max O'Connor, and both NABBA's 2012 Mr. United Kingdom and Mr. England.

Max also placed second at the Universe in 2012 (losing his class to Slavoj Bednar), was the 2011 NABBA Pro Am champion, and the 2010 UKBFF Kent Classic heavyweight and overall champion.

Follow Max at his website and on Facebook.


dallasmsl said...

Hot man. Needs to bring up his lowers just a tad but otherwise, he's the total package. Ginger helps too! :-)

Anonymous said...

Look at the shelf on that ass in the video posing clip. Get him to Muscle Hunks immediately!

oceej said...

Thanks for posting some pics of Max, he is very good. He's just been very quiet since 2012. He has very good symmetry.