Jan 3, 2014

Leandro Gomes: 2013 NABBA Worlds, 5th

5'9" Leandro Gomes from São Paulo, Brazil placed 5th in Class 2 at the 2013 NABBA World Championships last June.

Here he is back at the 2012 NABBA Sudamerica where he finished runner up in Class 2 (over 1.72m and up to and including 1.79m)/


muscleaddict said...

Ripped and CUTE! Gotta love that cocky tude he displays on stage and the cheeky faces he pulls when he cranks the beef! Loving those shiny gold posing trunks too!!

Anonymous said...

Come on Muscle Addict. This guy is really SUPER HOT! Admit it.

dallasmsl said...

I love his full muscle-bellies. He's built, lean, and not overly ripped. Some take ripped to the almost sick level. He looks spot on. Can't believe he only took 5th!31

Anonymous said...

Very young to have built this physique...what's with these Brasilains??? Very accomplished BB's.