Jan 7, 2014

Alexey Gonzalez: 2013 NPC Nationals, Light-Heavy, 9th

With some real impressive looking legs just a couple of weeks out from the 2013 NPC Nationals last November, 5'7" light-heavy Alexey Gonzalez was Sunday's guy.

During RxMuscle's Play-by-Play, Dave Palumbo noted that Alexey had "Great back width... Striated glutes... Thick pecs... Huge delts... Carries a ton of mass... Impressive."

Over at MD, WisconsinBB wrote "GREAT shape on this guy. Really good quads, nice side chest. REALLY needs to work on controlling his stomach in transitions. Should do well. Conditioning is good, not razor sharp though."

Shawn Ray was more on the money, as Alexey ultimately placed 9th, as he thought "Bloated stomach. Soft, too much water retention but shapely body." Still 9th was better than his 14th place finish in 2012.

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muscleaddict said...

LOVE that first shot where he's blasting the side chest with his tongue out! Cheeky bugger!

Anonymous said...

A sexy man. And his work with Muscle Hunks is worth the price of admission. He shows it all and it's all mouth watering.