Dec 22, 2013

Day 3: Emiliano Dell'Uomo

Emiliano started off 2013 winning the overall at the 2013 Arnold Amateur and then placed 5th in his IFBB debut, the Nordic Pro.


muscleaddict said...

Love love love Emiliano! One of the most underrated and under-appreciated bodybuilders of the year. Amazing physique! CRAZY conditioning! Hard, shredded and dry dry dry. The dude is so peeled he barely looks human! The wheels are insane..,the glutes are just amazing...and of course I love that awesome, cocky tude he brings with him onstage when he's peeled and jacked from head to foot! The guy knows how to show off all that hard shredded superhuman man meat with the most awesome, endearing scrunchy facial expressions and cheeky, superior "FUCK YEAH" tude!! Can't wait to see more footage of this guy when he competes again!