Dec 6, 2013

Day 19: Victor DelCampo

After what seemed like years of slogging through the competitive trenches, Victor DelCampo finally (and rightfully) earned his pro card in 2013!  Vic won the welterweights at the 2013 NPC USA! He had finished runner up at the show in both 2008 and 2012, and in 2011 won his class - but wasn't awarded a pro card that year.

MD's Shawn Ray wrote "Hard ripped in slice very good showing! Should be top three here today. Hams sliced..." and Flex Wheeler thought he easily had the class win, since he had the mass and size none of his competitors had.

5'3" Vic from Boothwyn, PA, turns 36 today!

He was planning on competing at the 2013 Phoenix Pro, but decided to hold off his pro debut until 2014! The pictures below show his conditioning during his early Phoenix Pro prep, and until he hits the stage in 2014, follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


dallasmsl said...

He underwent surgery on his right leg, I believe, and will be out for a while. He's also a very good guy.