Dec 8, 2013

Day 17: Brad Rowe

"HUGE QUADS. He is ON tonight!!! Legs and side shots are just nuts. Hams are in, glutes are in. If he looked like this last night he would've walked this class. WOW. Great front lat spread. Just incredible!"

So noted WisconsinBB during MD's Play-by-Play. At the end of a busy 2013 competition season, Brad Rowe, 30, placed second in the heavies at the NPC Nationals, but was awarded a still well-deserved IFBB pro card.

Rowe was the heavyweight runner-up at the North Americans in August, and 7th at the USAs earlier this summer. These 2013 placings showed that Rowe had made some great improvement over 2012, when he finished 9th, 8th and 7th respectively.

Along with the bodybuilding stage, the 5'10" Los Angelian can be seen in various national television commercials, most recently starring alongside the Kia Soul Hamsters (above), while he was previously featured in a CarMax spot.

Visit Brad's website, BradRoweFit, and follow him on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


Anonymous said...

I love the build of this guy.
Best wishes to him.

Anonymous said...

Never2Big has been giving us a clear heads up on this muscle freak for some time. At first I didn't think much of him, but over time have gotten to see him develop into what he is today. The training has paid off making Day 17 extra special. Thanks N2B for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Brad Rowe was in his best shape ever at the Nationals and it shows! I just hope now that he's got the pro card he doesn't disappear like some pros seem to do.

Anonymous said...

I met him at the Firehouse once. I'm not a fan of his. He was rude and thought he was better than everyone else. It sucks when people are like that.