Dec 15, 2013

Day 10: Ibrahim Fahim

The Egyptian heavyweight did the double this year (as did Ahmad Ashkanani featured earlier in the countdown), winning his class at both the Arnold Amateur Europe and Mr. Olympia Amateur. Fahim went one further however, winning the overall at the 2013 Mr. Olympia Amateur (something which alluded him last year when he won his class at the show, but lost the overall to fellow Egyptian Big Ramy).


Jack Hammer said...

LOVE this guy! He's got THE biggest, juiciest body but he's ripped and tight too where it counts, the bald head is macho-as-hell, the beard/tache combo is pure bad-ass which contrasts nicely with the big cheeky playful grin, and he's a wicked poser too! What's not to love about this huge handsome fella?! Not much I say!