Dec 24, 2013

Day 1: Flex Lewis

Two-time Olympia 212 Showdown champion! Two-time Prague Pro champion! Two-time British Grand Prix champion!

Flex doubled down in 2013 with repeat wins in both the Olympia 212 and the EVLS Prague Pro. The 5'5" 30 year old - who now lives in Tennessee - goes from strength to strength.

The clip above is a trailer for a documentary which "will take you behind the scenes, up close and personal with never before seen footage at the Olympia 212 Showdown. Follow Flex at home in FL through his contest prep as he prepares to defend his title." You can buy the DVD here.

Follow Flex on Facebook and visit his official site. Immkediately below is Flex guest posing after his Olympia win at the Mozolani Classic 3 in October, and the pictures after that from his EVLS win in Prgaue.


Anonymous said...


Nev Big said...


Anonymous said...

Great choice for day 1.

Have a Merry Christmas Never2Big!
All of 2013 I've enjoyed your website giving us all some of the best freaky muscle of all time.
Keep fit and stay safe.

welshmusclefan said...

The right decision!

Anonymous said...

Short Class Man but great development, one of the best PROBB actually.

Anonymous said...

He may be short...but mighty to say the least. What a great physique, smile, etc.

Anonymous said...

so much meat ... woof

Anonymous said...

So many great short bbers out there. Wonder why he settled in Tennessee tho?