Nov 26, 2013

Ryan Pateracki: 2013 NPC Nationals, Super Heavy Champ!

The Sunday guy from the other week was 2013 NPC Nationals super heavy champion, and new IFBB pro, Ryan Pateracki, 34, from Lake Mary, FL.

MD's WisconsinBB wrote:

"BIG DUDE here!!! Thick everywhere. he's in shape too. CRAZY side chest. Hitting some floor shots and his legs are SPLIT from the side. BIG side tricep shot. Hams and glutes are tights, calves are HUGE. Wide back. AMAZING rear double bicep if you can get past the arm tear. Should be 2nd easily."

2nd... He won the class! 5'11" Pateracki didn't place in his last Nationals outing in 2010. He was the class and overall champion at the 2012 All South Championships and placed 7th at this year's NPC USA.


Anonymous said...

Divine! He's simply perfection; tall, huge, in shape, gorgeous face, the total package!

Cochynolo said...

Couldn't agree more. Far too hot for words to describe.