Nov 24, 2013

Kyle Wheeler: 2013 NPC Nationals, Light-Heavy, 4th!

The pre-Nationals post about Floridian Kyle Wheeler was quite positively received, so up first from last night's 2013 NPC National Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini and Physique Championships, held in his home state at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Ft. Lauderdale.

198lb Wheeler place 4th in the light-heavies. MD's Shawn Ray noted in the site's Play-by-Play:

"Structure is balanced. Hard from the back! Legs need more thickness. Posing needs work, promising body, traps and pecs are thick."

And WisconsinBB wrote:

"Dude has REALLY capped out delts that make him look really wide. Crazy side tricep shot. Hams could be a bit tighter but his back looks incredible. Tight midsection. If He can add a little arm size hes gonna be REAL dangerous. Needs a little more depth in his hams for his side shots but overall very impressed with Kyle."

At RxMuscle, Palumbo noted:

"Striated pecs and huge monster delts. Striated glutes. Back can use more size. Ripped midsection. Did his homework."


Anonymous said...

He looks good but he must increasing his weight for doing future shows.
This is the right way for him.

Anonymous said...

Very impressed by this guy...he'll have a great future in the sport.