Nov 11, 2013

Kevin Jordan: 2 Weeks Out!

Now that Trigili is out, does Kevin have the supers in the bag? This is what Trigili wrote on Instagram:

"I just want to sincerely thank all my sponsors and friends and family for there support for my 2013 Nationals prep. Due to a personal situation , I will not be competing this year. This is seriously heartbreaking for me to type , and post on social media but I am the bigger person deep down and this is an issue i will overcome. 2014 is a new year , with a fresh start. I wish each and every competitor at Nationals to fight to the end like I did , and I wish my friend competing there to bring it home ! Thanks for taking the time out and reading this post. Till next time."


Cochynolo said...

Nick is way overrated. I'd take Kevin any day. I truly hope he nails it. Go break a leg Kevin.

Mark Walter said...

Wow Kevin is awesome! Good luck to him at the Nationals.