Oct 4, 2013

Tomáš Bureš: by Joseph Adlt

More of Adlt's photos here.


Cochynolo said...

I guess that's all ass we'll ever get to see from Thomas - a mirror reflection. Must be some deep reason or a bad childhood memory that left him scarred for life. Just turn around and bend over for crying out loud.

Anonymous said...

He's my idol and my friend.
He has a great build but at the same time he is a good man.
I do admire him so much as PROBB.At the same time I do appreciate him as my friend.
One of the best PROBB actually.
The gallery is pretty good.I loved all pictures.
I post to him my best wishes.

Dan H said...

The best shape I've ever seen him in. Amazing....

Anonymous said...

I think he's doing a hard diet everyday but the good training he's doing and the genetic he has help for his great development.
One of the best PROBB around the World.....
I do admire him so much.