Oct 30, 2013

Nicolas Vullioud: The Swiss "Quadzila"

One of Swiss trainer's Patrick Tuor protegee's, new "Quadzila" Nicolas Vullioud was last Sunday's guy, with a shot taken in Madrid 12 hours out from the 2013 Arnold Classic Europe earlier in the month (he placed 3rd, the class was won by Tim Budesheim).

The 22 year old former gymnast from Nyon, Switzerland went on to win the 2013 Schweizermeisterschaft Junior Champion (and was 3rd in the contest's open 90kgs class). The shots above were taken 48 hours from that show.

Here is a 2012 IFBB Schweizermeisterschaft interview with Nicolas, after he won the Junior class (he was runner up in the 80kgs open class):

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Anonymous said...

Well worth the wait to find out the 'Sunday Worship'.
Now I can dream about him.