Sep 14, 2013

Jason Huh: Still with the Beard!


Anonymous said...

He looks disgusting.

Clearly doing the beard because there are lots of young up and coming bodybuilders and he feels the need to do something drastic to get noticed. Very sad.

Plus I've read posts of his on bodybuilding forums and he comes across as a jerk.

dallasmsl said...

He looks AWESOME! Huge! At least he's not all tattoe'd up. His beard can be shaved. Tats ruin the body permanently. He's a jerk? Really? Probably because people like you who hide behind "anonymous" make insulting remarks about him! LOL.

Cochynolo said...

Now that you've mentioned it, I think Jason really does need some tattoos. Even though he's huge & muscular, his physique is somewhat blank. Oh yes, and lose the beard while you're getting those tattoos.

Anonymous said...

@ Cochynolo: his physique is "blank"? What kind of statement is that? It's skin and it's in a natural state NOT to be all marred by greenish blue inked clichés. It's a sad turn when a bodybuilder who doesn't have tattoos starts to be criticized for it. But the beard is hideous.

MuscleBeast said...

If I were him I'd trim the beard down some.
But it's certainly not hideous or disgusting as some of you said.
Looks very manly.