Aug 16, 2013

Steve Kuclo: Europa SuperShow, Prejudging!

Kuclo made the first callout during prejudging. Over at MD's Play-by-Play, Flex Wheeler wrote:

"This is my first time seeing him on stage. I can definitely see his potential. As far as tonight, looks like his problem is going to be dryness. Because of his symmetry, he should still be a thread for top five."

While Adina noted:

"Kuclo has superior structure and will get there, no doubt."

At RxMuscle, Tad Inoue remarked that Kuclo:

"Looks tight, always great shape, put on some size, look fatastic in his poses. I would like to see him 5 lbs lighter. Could have harder striations in glutes. Top 5 for sure! "


Anonymous said...

Steve will no doubt do well.

Christopher Jalali looks pretty good too. He's the come back kid.