Aug 8, 2013

Santiago Aragon: 2013 NPC USA, Middleweight 6th!

During MD's play-by-play, Flex Wheeler wrote "Torso is longer than his legs. Tan is a little dark in abs. Good thigh sweep. Little water in back." Over at RxMuscle, The Big Sexy noted "REALLY strong from the front… Very conditioned… Strong size/shape. Really good posing and presenting his physique. Glutes can be a little tighter… They almost look flat compared to the rest of his physique… A little loose skin on them. Great overall physique."

Santi, 5'5", was runner up in his class at the NPC Southern States earlier in the year. He'd previous won the show previously in the teen middleweight (in 2008) and welterweight classes (in 2010). Follow him on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

You Tubes' MIGHTYMOUSEPHYSIQUE is fired up with enthusiasm when exercising and smooth and cocky when he poses his dynamite muscles and ripped physique. He is a hard person not to like, even if you strive to compete against him on stage. The best part is that he keeps getting better. Hope to see more of his jaw dropping superstar.

Anonymous said...

He is so charged, his hair stands straight up! LOL

Anonymous said...

He has nice midget arms too