Aug 16, 2013

Luke Timms: Aussie Pro!

Sunday's guy - Australian IFBB pro, Luke Timms - a little late this week, I know - who will be competing in Dallas at the Europa SuperShow, and was 25 days out from that show in the image below.

Timms, who just recently turned 28 on August 9, from Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, placed 9th at this year's Australian Grand Prix last March (below). Timms had placed 5th at the show in 2012 (clip below), and 8th in 2011.

See more of Timms on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

One of the sexiest leg routines. I'm astonished to read that Timms is not yet 30. Hardcore bodybuilding does seem to age some competitors

Anonymous said...

Luke seems to be a very popular name in Australia for bodybuilders. Remember my super favorite, Luke Wood.

oceej said...

I find him to be incredibly sexy. Big frame solidly mounted on some mighty legs.