Aug 20, 2013

Lee Priest: Making a Comeback!

Sunday's guy - with all the tats - was Australian pro, and IMO, bodybuilding legend, Lee Priest, who recently guest posed at the 2013 NABBA Korea.

Priest, 41, 1989 and 1990 Australian overall champ, winner of the 2002 San Francisco Pro, 2005 Australian Grand Prix, 2006 Night of Champions (both US and UK), and 2006 Ironman Pro champion! Priest is making his comeback this year, planning to compete at the 2013 NABBA Mr. Universe.

And if you think the likes of Rob Kreider is covered in tats, he's clean compared with Lee.


Cochynolo said...

Absolutely don't mind his tattoos. They don't take away his incredible physique. I accept him just the way he is - muscular & handsome. Excellent choice of photos.

Anonymous said...

Muscular and handsome, no doubt! But that is TOO many tattoos. He would look even better without half of them.

oceej said...

If it's a case of take or leave it. I'll take it.
He still rocks.

Anonymous said...

It. Is. Just. WRONG!!!

Anonymous said...

why did he do that to his face ? Yikes !

Anonymous said...

I don't get the black fingernails. Yuck!