Aug 25, 2013

Charles Curtis: 8 Days Out, 178lbs!

Curtis, 24, a personal trainer at the Metroflex Gym in Phoenix, AZ, placed 5th in the middleweights at the 2013 NPC USA. In 2012 Curtis won the class at the Los Angeles Championships (but lost the overall to super heavy Jonathan Ward).

Dave Palumbo at RxMuscle noted "Great front double. Good quad separation... Small waist. Glutes/hams are ripped... Impressive back double. Impressive most muscular." While Bryan Hildebrand thought Curtis had a "BIG full frame," but "if anything a bit cocky on stage. Soft from the back, glutes arent there."


Anonymous said...

I don't understand that critique "glutes aren't there." Man has a big ass!

Cochynolo said...

Obviously, you don't know what a big ass is. Unfortunately, Mr. Curtis doesn't have one. It's simply genetics, so he'll never have a nice big fat muscle ass. And since he's so ripped and skinny, he probably doesn't want it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, Cochnynolo you disagree with me but I know what's what. "A big fat muscle ass" is a contradiction in terms.

Anonymous said...

(In Ahhhnold voice) Silence girly boys! This man needs maw neck powa!