Aug 28, 2013

Brad Rowe: 2013 NPC USA, Heavyweight, 7th

During RxMuscle's Play-by-Play, Palumbo wrote that Rowe was "thickest guy in class... Crazy quads and calves. Monster front quads. Added some really good size to his upper body."

While the Big Sexy thought, "Will probably be in the top 3," with "CRAZY quads and sweep... deep lines through quads. One of the thicker guys in the class. Glutes are there... Hams are thick... Looks to be one of the more complete guys in the class. Good size, condition and shape."

MD's Flex Wheeler noted "Good overall size. Use more back thickness. Good leg dev. Could be dryer and harder."

Rowe was in the first callout, but fell to 7th by the end of the night.