Jul 26, 2013

Sven Maldonado: Atlantic States Champion!

5'10" Sven Maldonado, 33, is a personal trainer at David Barton Gym in New York.

Maldonado won the supers at the 2013 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States Championships, losing the overall to heavyweight Shawn Lindo, but by far bettering his 2012 8th place finish. Sven didn't place at the 2008 NPC Nationals as a 241lb super, then was the runner up at his first two 2009 shows, the Atlantic States and Brooklyn shows.


Anonymous said...

Short Class Man but pretty good build.

Cochynolo said...

Now that's what I call a personal trainer. Someone you can actually look up to. Eye-popping physique. Especially that perfectly shaped bubble butt.