Jul 27, 2013

2013 NPC USA: Prejudging Report from MD! Updated!

Follow Team MD'S PLAY-BY-PLAY in the MD Forums. Overview report from the folks at MD.

First callout: Rafael Campuzano, Shane Cooper, Richie Langit, Eric Lee Salazar and Eric M. Yamashita. Of that quintet two competitors stood out: Richie Langit and Eric M. Yamashita. It’s likely that by virtue of better balance and condition Langit will get the nod. While Yamashita sporting thick muscularity, with full calves could have pulled it off if he was a bit sharper.
Winner: Richie Langit

First callout: Michael Conol, Eric Hernandez, Derek Leverant, Luis Moreno, Martak Ruelas and Jovann Rushing. Leverant looks like the winner, carrying a lot of muscle for a lightweight -- all of it shredded and hard. The lines of Luis Moreno could see him home in second.
Winner: Derek Leverant

First Callout: Armando Aman, Victor Del Campo, Chris San Juan, Erik Venegas, Tom Arnone and Danny Hester. Del Campo just carried too much muscle -- allied with condition -- for anyone to touch him. Veteran Danny Hester with good shape probably nudged into second
Winner: Victor DelCampo

First callout: Breon Ansley, Santiago Aragon, Charles Curtis, Brad Dingle, Anthony Wayne Morrison, Robert Wichman and Chuck Williams. At first it maybe appeared close between Ansley and Williams but the former’s conditioning (especially from the front) and shape looks to have won out over the thickness of the latter.
Winner: Breon Ansley

Light Heavyweights
First callout: Addison L. Alexander, Joseph Hubbard, Thomas Lenithan, Kevin Ofurum, Lars Evan Toesing and Caleb Blanchard. Maybe a close one here. Kevin Ofurum is stacked with upper body muscle and was in great condition (he could maybe have been a tad drier) while Caleb Blanchard is more complete and ripped and impressive in most shots – probably just enough to nail down the title.
Winner: Kevin Ofurum

First callout: Matt Burzacott, Ruben Escobar, Ransford Jackson, Rafael Jaramillo, Brad Rowe, Josh Wade and Benny Brantley. Jaramillo, the possessor of a big frame was in great shape, particularly from the back and looks to be in the driving seat. He bucked the trend of disappointment that permeated the event and looks like a front runner for the overall. After that it appears to be a fight between the more compact muscle package of Burzacott and the thickness of Escobar.
Winner: Rafael Jaramillo

Super Heavyweights
First callout: Eddie Bracamontes, Dusty Hanshaw, Brandon Lyons, Blair Mone, Jon Ward and Max Charles. A disappointing class where no one grabbed the spotlight. Charles probably takes it, and he is a monster in upper body shots but his legs don’t keep up with the rest of him. Hanshaw did not nail it but will probably get second on shape. Bracamontes and Mone (in his best form ever) will vie for third and fourth.
Winner: Max Charles

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Anonymous said...

Thanks N2B for the update.

Got any favs?

Nev Big said...

I think DelCampo is due for a win (and seems on the money). Surprised Newmire not in the running. I like Burzacott for the heavies.

Anonymous said...

We need to see fewer pics of Victor DelCampo and MORE pics of Blair Mone!!!! PLEASE! :)

And Aaron Clark, as usual ;)

Anonymous said...

I definitely second the motion for fewer pictures of Victor DelCampo.