Jun 18, 2013

Clayton Johnson: 2012 NPC USA, Light-Heavy, 4th

This past Sunday guy was Clayton Johnson, 33, from Farmingdale, NY, who placed 4th in the light-heavies at the 2012 NPC USA (pictured here) and then was 10th in his class at the Nationals.

Clayton was 7th at both the 2011 Junior Nationals and USA. His best placing was at the 2010 Brooklyn Grand Prix where he won both the novice and the open overall.


Cochynolo said...

Every muscle on that body has a full volume and looks so good to squeeze. Just look at those tight torso. Or the perfectly shaped bubble butt. Very compact form & handsome face. Clayton has all the necessary features to take the bodybuilding throne.

dallasmsl said...

Totally agree.