May 23, 2013

Karim Boumazza: European Master!

Karim was the Sunday guy this week. He just turned 43 on May 18!

Karim, from Colmar, Alsace in France, was the the Master 40+ middleweight champion at this year's European Amateur Championships, wonhis class at the Top de Colmar, and was 4th at the Peak Bodybuilding Challenge.

At the Top de Colmar, Karim won the class in 011 as well, and the -70kg class in 2008.

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Anonymous said...

I got the feeling that someone dubed his head on the great looking body.

Anonymous said...

His head is fine -- it's that simple-assed smile that has to go. Without that, he'd look good.

Sure looks like a guy who'd appreciate a good blowjob. I'd suck him off and swallow every drop.