Apr 16, 2013

Lee Priest: Classic San Francisco Muscle!

Following on from Sunday's recent shot of Lee, I thought I'd step back a bit to the San Francisco Pro Invitational where he finished second (and had less tats).


Anonymous said...

Priest before he destroyed his esthetics with excessive tattoos.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing -- before Priest became addicted to tattooing. This post of Priest back when is so ironic.

Cochynolo said...

I'm glad he enhanced his physique with more tats and it's a shame he didn't do that earlier. Great decision Lee. Hope to see more photos of new Mr. Priest.

Anonymous said...

@cochynolo: there's always one of this kind of post.

Anonymous said...

Lee's a wild man, and his tatts prove it. He'll get into anything and everything.

He might love women, but get into a private chat with him and he turns into a fucking freak. He responds positively to getting his cock sucked and offers to blow a load down your throat, and he's more than willing to fuck ass.

He also wanted a pic of my cock as I stroked it while thinking about him. As I said, he's a fucking freak.