Feb 21, 2013

Kamal Abdul Salam: Arnold Amateur, Light Heavy

Kamal has at least three different entries at MD. He's Kamal Abdulirahman, Kamal El Gargni and Kamal Gargni. On Facebook he seems to be Kamal Elgargni. Recent picture above, pre-2011 Worlds prep pictures below.

Anyway, he placed first in the light-heavies at both the 2011 Worlds and Asian Championships (where he also won the overall, clip below), he was first in the light-heavies at the 2009 Arnold Amateur (pictures below), first in the middleweights at the 2008 World Amateurs, and first at the 2007 Excalibur (to name just a few).

I previously posted about him in 2009. Kamal is from Libya, but competes for Qater.


Anonymous said...

Very eye-catching Great symmetry
>Like his v. skimpy posers (on the sides just a fine thin string)