Jan 1, 2013

Nick Trigili: 302lbs!

Happy 2013 to one and all!

Let's start the year off right with big Nick! 302lbs at 6' and 25 years old. The clip below is from December 19 for Flexonline.


Anonymous said...

couldn't have started the new year any better. nick is young, handsome, massive, powerful, sexy and truly the best the future of bodybuilding has to offer. more nick please and great work.

muscleaddict said...

He's gonna burst!

oceej said...

He carries that mass well, and is ridiculously hot. I enjoy the
fact that he wants to get bigger and
more muscular. He'll obviously lose
some weight closer to competition
time, but hopefully not too much. In
the meantime I'm enjoying the
bigger beefier Nick
. A marvellous expression of strength,
beauty and grace all flushed with a generous helping of male

Kalabro said...

Is there anyway you can upload videos that don't automatically play?