Jan 4, 2013

Gary Bognár: 9.5 Weeks Out, 220lbs!

26 year old, 5'7" Hungarian Gary Bognár, is planning to compete in the heavyweight class - around 94kgs (lbs) - on March 2 at the 2013 Arnold Amateur in Columbus.

In the pictures above, Gary was nine and a half weeks out - at the end of December - Bognár and weighed in at 220lbs! At 11 weeks out he filmed the clips below:

And back at the end of November, at the start of his prep, he tipped the scales at 231lbs.


Anonymous said...

Handsome STUD!

Anonymous said...

This studs first pic showing the incredible V and massive glutes, legs and back - incredible. His legs are very impressive, thick and hard. Another incredible Hungarian muscle stud.

oceej said...

Gergo (Gary) has really cut back on his leg development. In video shots of him in 2009, his legs were really the stand-out body part. Now he has adopted a more studied and subtle approach to his training. It will be interesting to see what the judges make of it.

His calves are simply wicked, big and well shaped.