Dec 17, 2012

Day 8: Jason Huh

Jason Huh only competed at the 2012 Tampa Pro this past August, placing 7th behind the likes of Shawn Rhoden, Hide, Roelly Winklaar and Lee Banks. In my opinion, it should have been higher!

In the year that brought us Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, 5'9" 28 year old Huh may have been the ultimately looking Bane in his guest posing routine at the NPC Valenti Gold Cup in Sarasota, Fl.


Cochynolo said...

Loving the Bane outfit, especially back shots with visible sweat around his crack. What I don't like is that metrosexual hair he's trying to pull off. It really distracts from what is actually a magnificent physique. Bald is the way to go Jason.

Mike Aurelius said...

Jason is a total powerhouse. He has a YouTube account under JasonHuh but you can check out this gym video of him at

In2muslmen said...

One of my faves! Is it wrong of me to want see him pose down against the other Asian hottie Hide?