Dec 5, 2012

Day 20: Nick Trigili

I've featured Trigili on the blog a fair number of times this year. The young super-heavy was runner up at the USA (to ) at the end of July, but fell to fifth at the North Americans not much more than a month later. The guy still certainly remains one to watch, with a pro card not far off me thinks!

Runner up at the USA!


Anonymous said...

I do admire him so much.
I hope he gets the Procard as he wants.
One of the best American bodybuilders actually.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Feel the heat, taste the sweat, feel the pump, breathing the breath, see the veins making roads across the muscle - Nick is born to be a bodybuidling great.

Anonymous said...

great physique but he should change his cycles gyno,
getting bigger too