Dec 23, 2012

Day 2: David Henry

Dave's back!

After having to sit out the 2011 season due to military deployment (he's in the air force), Dave came back strong in 2012 winning the 212 at the Europa Supershow in August, placing second to Flex at the Olympia 212, and then taking first at the Sheru Classic 212 in October (shown here):

At 5'5", Dave, who will turn 38 in February, really is a ""giant killer" as he showed when he came back so strong in Dallas in August.


showmethemuscle said...

Love Dave! And I didn't know he was in the air force; it's a wonder those planes can take off will all that bulging beef in the cockpit!

jockboy said...

My favorite David Henry pics are the non-smiling ones -- much hotter and sexier than the smiling pics, especially when there's also that big bulging dick on him. No doubt the udges salivate at that big thick package.