Dec 10, 2012

Day 15: Gerald Pangan

One of my personal favorite Sunday Worships from last year, was the middleweight (85kg) champion at the this year's Mr. Olympia Amateurs in Kuwait at the end of November, 5'5" Gerald Pangan from the Philippines.

See much more of Gerald at Muscle Galley and on his Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

Even-though bodybuilding started in 1951 for the philipinos, it was not until 1980's that we see some great bodies like Simson Carsi AKA Sammy Ayochok. Gerald Pangan supports some excellent muscle and rightly deserves to be included in the Christmas Countdown.

Anonymous said...

He's gonna make me love asian bodybuilders! Filipinos muscle hunks are so hot! Short and super huge with cute grin, nothing turn me on more!

Anonymous said...

Incredible bb'er. Thank you for posting. Look forward to more gains, growth, perfecting of muscle from Gerald over the next few years!