Nov 28, 2012

Nick Trigili: 295lbs!


Raymond said...

It's good to see that nick keeps making news, with little appearances of his personal life, wether leaked or not. And he looks so hot almost at 300 pounds! (can he gain even more weight, like steve christman?)

Anonymous said...

Yeah you're right.
He looks like AN ANIMALLLLL.....A BEAST....TRULY GIANT.....!!!!
Is he in the same way that STEVE KUCLO?..
I'm a big fan of him.
I hope he gets the Procard next year.

oceej said...

It's great to see he want to continue get bigger and also better. There were other potential bodybuilders who never wanted to improve like Reece Rideout, but decided not to get bigger.

He's moving beyond the pretty boy look, to a fucking awesome muscle demon, totally HOT!!

Anonymous said...

Great post showing Nick becoming super-sized and super-pupmped. He is becoming a freaky HOTTT. Looking forward to seeing more posts as he grows up.

Anonymous said...

are these screen captures from his Livemuscleshow? I have to check him out!