Nov 20, 2012

Kökény Béla: 2012 Kriko Nap

Guest posing at the Kriko Nap in Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary at the end of September, the 5'7" Hungarian Kökény Béla who will turn 30 this month. Pictures from with more about him here.


dallasmsl said...

Such beautiful symmetry. Fantastic work!!!

Rafael Batista Cáceres said...

My name is Rafael Batista Cáceres, i am enthusiastic of bodybuilding. I have been reading information aboout you through the internet, and i got amazed with your bodubuilder career. I have seen by my own experience, that you have achieve a great mass and muscular development as well as a highly trained physique. Your simmetry is awesome and you have well defined muscular groups. Wish to know much more information about your plans in the future. And i am sure you will be participating in many other bodybuilding contests. I will keep in touch with you through facebook. My best wishes of success. Also i have been reading your comments by facebook, i recently saw the pictures on your facebook. Therefore i am sure you will get to the top in all the bodybuilding competitions you participate in. Also i want to know your opinion about the results in the Mr. Olympia 2012, i read that Mr. Phillip Heath won the competition. His muscular structure was awesome, for sure he deserves the title.
Thanks in advance for reading this e-mail

Anonymous said...

Another incredible massive and hard BB from Hungary. Damn impressive.

Anonymous said...

For such a small country, so much big muscle! Favs - Daniel Toth & Peter Moinar
HU muscle keeps growing!
Thanks for sharing.