Nov 12, 2012

Justin Compton: Heavyweight Champion!

The 5'9" 2010 NPC Kentucky Muscle novice heavyweight (and overall) and open light-heavy (and overall) champion was a prejudging favorite to take home the 2012 NPC Nationals heavyweight title over the weekend - and he won! This was a significant improvement from the 13th place in the class at the 2011 show (see the side by side comparisons below).

With a "Great look!! Massive arms and shoulders, narrow waist, ripped hams and thighs," 24 year old Compton "made a tremendous impact" said Peter McGough on MD.

At RxMuscle, Compton "should easily finish first here" with his "shredded quads" and "crazy striated glutes," he was the "most shredded guy in show. Super impressive!"


Anonymous said...

Man do I like Brian Yersky. He has really improved, but I believe Justin was the overall champ at the NPC Nationals. Looking forward to see more of Compton in the future. Us guys at our age are stepping up to the plate, like Justin, we are raising the bar.

Anonymous said...

Pretty good build.