Nov 27, 2012

Bryan Kerridge: From Michigan to Georgia

38 year old Bryan Kerridge from Grand Rapids, MI won the heavyweight class and the overall at the Western Michigan Championships weighing in at 221lbs (above). He went on to finish 4th in his class at the Nationals (below).

In 2011 he had a freak accident where his biceps was torn completely off the bone, just a few weeks out of the 2011 USA. He has obviously come back stronger than ever.


Anonymous said...

Unknown as to me.
It's the first time I saw his pictures.
Truly a beast.Great vascularity and good shape.
I wish him a great Bodybuilding career.

Cochynolo said...

Massive and gorgeous. He's bound to leave a significant trail in his bodybuilding career. But I just can't stop staring at his gut. Simply spectacular.

Anonymous said...

I know... that gut is part of his appeal for me. Totally fuckable